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Alison's Free LMS* up-skills and empowers employees to greater productivity. Employees who are learning new skills are 90% more likely to stay with your organisation.

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* Learning Management System

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What Skills & Learning Needs Does Your Organisation Have?

What learning and upskilling needs your organisation has right now or might it have in the near future. Create your own individualised learning paths for your staff based on the needs of your organisation with Alison鈥檚 powerful library of 4,500 free online courses.

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Create your Alison Training Portal (the page you will send your learners to on our site) in 3 simple steps and have your organisation learning within minutes.

Select Courses

Select the list of courses you would like your team to study. Either choose an Ad hoc list or choose specific packages of learning based in the industry you are in that we have provided.

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Monitor the study progress your team makes by setting up your group鈥檚 training progress with a choice of daily, weekly on monthly reports.

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Workforce With Alison Certificates

Encourage proactive life long continuous upskilling and learning with certificates and badges. There are essential skills every employee of every organization should have.

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Why Every Organisation Needs Alison鈥檚 Free LMS

  • Number of Team Members
  • Lms Set-Up Time
  • Aggregate Reporting
  • Learning Plans
  • Alison Free LMS
  • Unlimited, FREE*
  • Quick Set-Up
  • Unlimited, Free
  • Flexible, Self Paced
  • Set-Up Now
  • Traditional eLearning
  • Limited, Paid
  • Several Days, requires Demo
  • Limited, Paid
  • Rigid, Time Constrained

*See Terms and Conditions

Alison Free LMS

Traditional eLearning

Number of Team Members

Unlimited, Free

Limited, Paid

LMS Set-Up Time

Quick Set-up

Several Days, Requires Demo

LMS Set-Up Time

Unlimited, Free

Limited, Paid

Aggregate Reporting

Unlimited, Free

Limited, Paid

Learning Plans

Flexible, Self-paced


Here Is What Alison's Free LMS
Customers Have To Say

Robert Babatunde

Lagos, Nigeria

Every business should have a training agenda to upskill both staff and managers, and with Alison鈥檚 free LMS offering, there is no excuse

Desi Jones

Maryland, USA

As a small business owner, I cannot believe that I can now ask my staff to complete courses that I suggest and monitor their collective progress through a superb free group learning tool like provided by Alison. Every business should have a training agenda to upskill both staff and managers, and with Alison鈥檚 free LMS offering, there is no excuse. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Caroline Sinclair

Queensland, Australia

We created our Free LMS page after a free consultation, with little to no effort on our parts, and had our organisation鈥檚 page up in minutes. If you have any difficulties along the way, the Alison business team are quick to offer support and assistance. Thank you Alison