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Information Technology and Services

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1247DiplomaDiploma in Information Technology Management
1443CertificateComputer Networking - Wired and Wireless Networks and Protocols
1480DiplomaDiploma in Computer Networking
1598CertificateIntroduction to Information Systems
1757CertificateIntroduction To Information Technology For Managers
1758CertificateIT Management - Software and Databases
1945CertificateCompTIA Cloud+ Basic
1961CertificateCompTIA A+ 1000 - Part 1
1962CertificateCompTIA A+ 1000 - Part 2
2157DiplomaDiploma in Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP 2019)
2274DiplomaDiploma in Ethical Hacking
2373DiplomaDiploma in Cryptocurrency
2374CertificateCryptocurrency: An Introduction to its Origins and Mechanics
2622CertificatePython for Pentesters
3199CertificateIntroduction to Information and Management Systems
3274CertificateManagement Information Systems
3581CertificateISO 20000 - Principles of IT Service Management System (ITSM)
3992DiplomaDiploma in Ethical Hacking Techniques for Beginners and Experts


Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1347DiplomaDiploma in Caregiving
1368CertificateHIV/AIDS - Awareness & Prevention
1609CertificateIntroduction to Caregiving
1610CertificateCaregiving Skills - Dementia Care
1611CertificateElderly Care and Caring for the Disabled
2968CertificateCPR, AED and First Aid
2969CertificateAdvanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
2970CertificatePediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
2971CertificateBasic Life Support (BLS)


Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1270DiplomaDiploma in Electrical Studies
1391CertificateIntroduction to Basic Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment
1515DiplomaDiploma in Carpentry Studies
1551DiplomaDiploma in Plumbing Studies
1554CertificateIntroduction to Plumbing Pipes and Fixtures
1555CertificateUnderstanding Drainage and Water Distribution Systems
1796CertificateIntroduction to Masonry
1854CertificateElectrical Engineering - Electrical Transformer Components
2688CertificateConstruction Safety and Health
3393CertificateAutoCAD: Beginner to Professional Training
4144CertificateBecome a Painter and Decorator


Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1328CertificatePharmacotherapy: Nervous, Sensory & Genitourinary Systems
1329CertificatePharmacotherapy: Cardio, Respiratory, Gastro & Endocrine Systems
1333DiplomaDiploma in Pharmacy Technician
1334CertificateIntroduction to Pharmacy Practice
1335CertificateCommunity and Institutional Pharmacy
3436CertificatePharmacy Assistant


Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1359CertificateNursing Studies - Patient Care and Hygiene
1367CertificateNursing Studies - The Physical Examination
1456CertificateNursing Studies - The Nurse as Team Leader and Teacher
1457CertificateNursing Studies - Communication and Transcultural Factors
1458CertificateNursing Studies - Role of Nurse in Surgical Care
1567CertificateNursing Studies - Clinical Skills: Caring for Cardiovascular Patients
1571DiplomaDiploma in Clinical Nursing Skills
1584DiplomaDiploma in Nursing Leadership and Care Management
2968CertificateCPR, AED and First Aid
2969CertificateAdvanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
2970CertificatePediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
2971CertificateBasic Life Support (BLS)
2972CertificateBloodborne Pathogens (BBP)
3295CertificatePhlebotomist Training Course

Retail Management

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1238DiplomaDiploma in Customer Service
1284CertificateRetail Management: Retail Technology and Security
1298CertificateRetail Management - Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing
2468DiplomaDiploma in Retail Management
2469CertificateRetail Management: Customer Interactions
2470CertificateRetail Management: Marketing and Brand Management
2471CertificateRetail Management: Stock, Psychology and Security
2472CertificateRetail Management: Merchandising, Sales and Customer Communications

Education Management

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1241DiplomaDiploma in Educational Psychology
1283DiplomaDiploma in Teaching Skills for Educators
1402CertificateIntroduction to the Learning Process for Teachers and Trainers
1403CertificateWorking with Students with Special Educational Needs
1404CertificateUnderstanding Student Development and Diversity
1690DiplomaDiploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies
1702CertificateFundamentals of Storytelling in Education for Teachers and Trainers
1793CertificatePhysical Education - Coaching Styles and Techniques
2687CertificateManaging Safety and Health in Schools
3358CertificateAnti-Bullying Training
3700CertificateSpecial Needs School Shadow Support
3813CertificateThe Basics of Food Safety and Hygiene
3827CertificateUnderstanding Child Development and Disabilities
3831CertificateFirst Aid Training in the Workplace


Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1388CertificateGlobal Islamic Finance and Banking
1727CertificateFinancial Funds
1811CertificateTransform, Grow and Innovate in Finance
3018CertificateAn Overview of Corporate Finance
3077CertificateIntroduction to SAP
3371CertificateIntroduction to Corporate Finance
3373CertificateIntroduction to Finance and Financial Analysis
3998CertificateIntroduction to Business Finance


Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1217CertificateFinancial Accounting Basics
1742CertificateProfessional Bookkeeping and Accounting 1 - Sales and Purchases
1743DiplomaDiploma in QuickBooks Pro 2017
1888CertificateProfessional Bookkeeping and Accounting 2: Bank and Petty Cash
1910CertificateBasic Accounting
1938CertificateGetting Started in QuickBooks Pro
1954CertificateProfessional Bookkeeping and Accounting 3 - Double Entry Accounting
2015CertificateProfessional Bookkeeping and Accounting 4 - The Trial Balance and More
2144DiplomaDiploma in Effective Bookkeeping and Payroll

Marketing and Advertising

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1202CertificateIntroduction to Advertising
1928CertificateFacebook Advertising for Beginners
1948DiplomaDiploma in Social Media Strategy
2623CertificateThe Complete Social Media Marketing Course
2973CertificateThe Complete Online Marketing And Advertising Course - Updated
3545CertificateFoundations of Facebook Marketing and Marketplace
3590CertificateIntroduction to Online Marketing Strategies
3820CertificateDigital Advertising and Marketing 201
3830CertificateDigital Advertising and Marketing 301
3833CertificateDigital Advertising and Marketing 101
3907CertificateMaster Affiliate Marketing With this Step-by-Step Guide
3975CertificatePrinciples of Marketing Strategy
4050DiplomaAdvanced Diploma in Mastering Elite Digital Marketing for Consultants
4107CertificateEssentials of Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

Sales and Business Development

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1536DiplomaDiploma in Sales Management
1612CertificateSales Techniques - Interacting with Customers
1613CertificateSales Techniques - Using Competitive Sales Strategies
1803CertificateHidden Secrets Of Sales & Marketing - Part One
3582CertificateBasics of the Sales Funnel
4062CertificateUnderstand B2B Business Development & Sales

Lifestyle and Wellness

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1789CertificateBack Safety
1798CertificateHealthy Living
2754CertificateGluten-Free Health
3031CertificateVegan Diet - Healthy Lifestyle
3438DiplomaDiploma in Reiki: A Comprehensive Look Into Energy Healing
3440CertificateReiki: First and Second Degree
3441CertificateReiki: Third Degree
3622CertificateEnergy Healing and Meditation through the IAM Healing Program
3873CertificateHow to Sleep Better
4163CertificateCrystal Healing


Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1655CertificateYoga Exercises
1656CertificateYoga Exercises for Core Strength and Flexibility
1713CertificateHealth and Fitness - Running Tips, Swimming and Strength Training
1772CertificateUltimate Fitness System 2 - Fitness, Endurance & Stretching
1781CertificateUltimate Fitness System 3 - Gentle Stretching
4031CertificateThe Foundations of Capoeira


Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1259DiplomaDiploma in Hospitality Management
1384CertificateIntroduction to Hospitality Management Studies
1385CertificateHospitality Management Studies - Hotel Operations
1386CertificateHospitality Management Studies - Food and Beverage Services
1387CertificateHospitality Management - Health and Safety in Food Service
1894CertificateHospitality Management - How To Analyse and Maximise Your Restaurant's Profitability
2378CertificateEvents Management: Strategy, Event Types and Customer Service
2664DiplomaDiploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
2666DiplomaDiploma in Hospitality Management Including English Language Studies
3680CertificateAn Introductory Course on Alcoholic Spirits
3681CertificateAn Introductory Course on Wines

Food and Beverage

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1250DiplomaDiploma in Food Safety
1461CertificateISO 22000:2018 - Elements of Food Safety Management System (FSMS)
1775CertificateFood Safety Training - Safe Practices and Procedures
1855CertificateHuman Resources in the Food Service and Hospitality Sector
1856CertificateFood Safety Knowledge - Basic Level Requirements
1891CertificateFood Service Excellence - Meat Cutting and Processing
2839CertificateCooking Meat and Seafood
3680CertificateAn Introductory Course on Alcoholic Spirits
3681CertificateAn Introductory Course on Wines
3870CertificateThe Cloud Kitchen | A Revolutionary Concept

Human Resources

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1212CertificateHuman Resource Management - Discipline in Organizations
1239CertificateFundamentals of Human Resources
1487CertificateIntroduction to Modern Human Resource Management
1488CertificateModern Human Resource Management - Recruitment and Selection Process
1490CertificateModern Human Resource Management - Appraisal and Performance
1628CertificateOrganizational Change - Managing and Supporting Employees
1678DiplomaDiploma in Human Resources (HR)
2605CertificateHuman Resources - Behavior and Diversity in the Workplace
3015CertificateRecruitment Consultant
3794CertificateThe Recruitment and Onboarding Process

Customer Service

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1238DiplomaDiploma in Customer Service
1709CertificateOutstanding Customer Service - Your Ultimate Guide
1929CertificateCustomer Service Skills
3036CertificateCustomer Services
4149CertificateHow to Deal With a Rude or Angry Customer

Business and Management

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1214CertificateSupervision - Effective Communication Skills
1223CertificateSupervision Skills - Managing Employee Performance
1266DiplomaDiploma in Project Management
1285DiplomaDiploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
1597DiplomaDiploma in Business Process Management
1707DiplomaDiploma in Operations Management (Ops)
1951CertificateIntroduction to Business Accounting
3016CertificateBusiness Administration - Communication and Planning
3017CertificateBusiness Administration - Working with Customers and Teams
3038DiplomaDiploma in Business Administration
3479CertificateProject Management Skills for Non-Project Managers

Warehousing and Supply Chain

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1281DiplomaDiploma in Supply Chain Management
1351CertificateIntroduction To Supply Chain Management
2327CertificateWarehouse Management: Inventory, Stock and Supply Chains
2381DiplomaDiploma in Warehouse Management
2382CertificateWarehouse Management: Principles, Trends and Processes
2383CertificateWarehouse Management: Employees, Safety and Warehouse Costs
2515DiplomaAdvanced Diploma in Modelling and Analytics for Supply Chain Management
3338CertificateSupply Chain Management and Capacity Planning
3345DiplomaDiploma in Operations and Supply Management

Logistics and Transportation

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
2473DiplomaDiploma in Transport Management
2474CertificateTransport Management in the UK: Road, Rail, Waterways, Ports and Airports
2475CertificateTransport Management in the UK: Rail and Road
2476CertificateTransport Management in the UK: Ports and Airlines
2477CertificateTransport Management in the UK: Challenges, Health and Safety
2852CertificateSAP ERP Logistics Overview
2855CertificateBeginner Cargo Transportation Processes
3131DiplomaDiploma in Cargo Handling and Stowage
3276CertificateCargo Handling Equipment and Safety
4211CertificateEnvironmental Education: Transport

Maritime and Shipping

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
2853DiplomaDiploma in Maritime Logistics
2854CertificateIntroduction to Ships, Ports and Terminals
2860DiplomaDiploma in Marine Diesel Engines
3191DiplomaDiploma in International Convention and Maritime Law
3193CertificateIntroduction to ILO Conventions and Maritime Law
3232DiplomaDiploma in Ship Handling and Seamanship
3275CertificateCargo Handling and Stowage - Liner Operations
3277DiplomaDiploma in Maritime Watchkeeping and Rules of the Road
3286CertificateIntroduction to Wind, Clouds, and Weather Services
3289CertificateShipboard Safety: Emergency Equipment and Life-Saving Appliances
3315DiplomaDiploma in Firefighting and Shipboard Safety


Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1369DiplomaDiploma in Tourism Studies
1650CertificateTourism Industry - Sectors and Career Development
1652CertificateTourism - Marketing and Promotion
1800CertificateEnglish for Tourism - Restaurant Service
1801CertificateEnglish for Tourism - Hotel Reception and Front Desk
1865CertificateEnglish for Tourism - Tourist Information and Guided Tours
2664DiplomaDiploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
2665DiplomaDiploma in International Tourism including English Language Studies
2667DiplomaDiploma in English Language Studies for Business and Tourism

Lean Manufacturing

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1710CertificateThe 5S System - Lean Methodology on Workplace Optimization and Housekeeping
1869CertificateThe Kanban System - Lean Scheduling & Management Approach to Just in Time (JIT)
1925CertificateQuality Control Circles - Lean Participation Model for Teams
2017CertificateIntroduction to Toyota Production System
2179DiplomaDiploma in Lean Manufacturing - Productive Management with Fundamental Tools
2657CertificateFundamentals of Six Sigma (6σ) - Six Sigma White Belt

Renewable Energy

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1209CertificateWind Energy – From Wind Turbines to Grid Integration
1225CertificateSolar Energy - Solar Technology and Its Use Worldwide
1887CertificateIntroduction to Hydroelectric Power Plants
3000CertificateIntroduction to Wind Energy
3716CertificateAn Introduction to the Arduino Solar Tracker
4282CertificateEnvironmental Education: Energy Calculations

Oil and Gas

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
2984DiplomaDiploma in Prevention of Pollution by Oil from Ships
2987CertificateOil in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems
2991DiplomaDiploma in Marine Gas Turbines
3026CertificateRegulations and Requirements of Oil Tankers
3027CertificateMARPOL Annex on Oil
3028CertificateBeginner in Prevention of Pollution by Oil from Ships
3030CertificatePrinciples and Constructional Features of Gas Turbines
3034CertificateMechanisms of Gas Turbines

Automotive Engineering

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1738CertificateMechanical Engineering - Internal Combustion Engine Basics
1780CertificateMechanical Engineering - Plate Heat Exchanger Fundamentals
1804CertificateIndustrial Engineering - Control Valve Basics
1941CertificateDiesel Engine Basics
1955CertificateDiesel Engine Cycles, Maintenance, & Control
2046CertificateIATF 16949:2016 - Quality Management System Specifics for Automotive Industry
3058CertificateFundamentals of Diesel Engines

Film and Media Studies

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1348DiplomaDiploma in Journalism
1646CertificateJournalism in the Digital Age
1682CertificateMedia Studies - Entertainment and Broadcast Media
1691DiplomaDiploma in Media Studies
1948DiplomaDiploma in Social Media Strategy
1967CertificateMedia, Society and Culture
2060CertificateSoundtrack Composer Masterclass: Score Films and Video Games
3657CertificateMedia Training Techniques
3751CertificateMastering the Media
3914CertificateLearn to Create a Micro-Budget Feature Film in Just Four Months

Software Development

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1535DiplomaDiploma in Python Programming
1633CertificateDevOps - Application Lifecycle Management
1696DiplomaDiploma in DevOps Engineering - Kubernetes, Docker and Google Cloud
1773CertificateIntroduction to Programming with Python
3909CertificateIntroduction to C++ Programming for Beginners

Web and App Services

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1696DiplomaDiploma in DevOps Engineering - Kubernetes, Docker and Google Cloud
1754CertificateIntroduction to Server Administration Services
1770DiplomaDiploma in Amazon Web Services
1863CertificateIntroduction to Administering Office 365 for Small Business
2290CertificateOffice 365 Web Apps
3367CertificateAmazon Web Services: Basic
3561CertificateGoogle Sheets for Home and Business
3726DiplomaDiploma in Google Suite - Gmail, Google Apps and Google Docs
3899CertificateUnderstanding Google Ads
3917CertificateIntroduction to Mobile App Development With Flutter

Information and tech

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
1247DiplomaDiploma in Information Technology Management

Diversity and Inclusion

Course IDCourse TypeCourse Title
2605CertificateHuman Resources - Behavior and Diversity in the Workplace
4456CertificateRespect Foundations: Diversity, Respect, and Substance Abuse in Workplace
5017CertificateCreating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Culture
5738CertificateDiscussing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace
5748CertificateEquality, Diversity and Human Rights